Find the Live Train Running Status Easily

The meaning of finding the live train running status in India is all about the precise location of any train and its’ actual time delay positions. This data usually also contains the expected or scheduled time of the train to arrive at or depart from a specific station. This article will help you find the Indian railway running train status live information. Not only that, other useful data such as the ‘last reported location’ and the ‘estimated time of arrival or ETA towards approaching stations can also be found. Here, the term ‘last reported station indicates to the station centred on the current live train tracker status. This information also helps in finding whether the train has crossed, departed or reached a specific station.

ETA & Scheduled Time

The value for the ‘estimated time of arrival or ETA’ informs the anticipated time of arrival for the trains at one of its forthcoming stations. That’s the time when you should be present at a forthcoming station for boarding a train. Similarly, the last reported station could be any station or another station near it (refers to a station where the train crosses without halting).

Important factors to find the real time

Recovering time: The time for a train to be late to arrive at a forthcoming station might be less than what was informed from the previous station. A GPS in a train app helps the train running status updates to get more precise. On a usual day there is delay in the arrival of the train location tracking updates from the previous station. Hence, live train status in India changes regularly.

Train live status from your mobile

Let us help you to check the train status info on your mobile that uses the internet. Anyone from any place can find the precise location of your train with the status for delay. To complete a train status enquiry, please follow the simple steps given below:
  • Search for the website On the web.
  • Click over the box typed ‘Live Train Status’ placed on the top left side.
  • Type in the trains name inside the first box.
  • Or simply, enter the train number on to the box below.
  • After that choose the precise date of your train journey in the next box.
  • Once you have typed all the above data in the boxes, click over the option for live status.
  • This process will bring the list that describes your trains’ present location and status, alongside the estimated time of arrival or ETA alongside the estimated time of departure or ETD.
  • Similarly, data about any delay in the trains’ schedule, the precise time and the distance of the train from the present station, along with data about the platform number where the train might reach, are also present.
Sample Testing
For instance let us type in the number ‘22650’ and the date as in the 23rd of June 2018. The resulting list will be absolutely resourceful. At the top, the list immediately gives us the minutes the train will be delayed in a green line. Soon after you will find the precise data for:
  • Station Running Days – Meaning the exact station where the train stands.
  • Scheduled Arrival – The scheduled time that the train should arrive at the station.
  • Scheduled Departure – The scheduled time that the train would leave or depart from the station.
  • Actual Arrival or Departure –The real time of arrival and departure
  • Distance in Kilometres – The actual distance that the train has travelled so far.
  • Train status – And this is where you will find if the train has departed from the station along with the exact time of delay.
Isn’t this the really useful information that you require before your journey? And all of that is depicted quite neatly for you right here. As you can clearly see, our train running status process is probably the most easiest to use. You can find more information about your train at our website And you may also download our app into your mobile phone or similar gadgets. We want to keep you stress-free during the journey by using our powerful website. Our team wishes you a happy and safe journey. Come back here for more of such informative articles about live train trackers.
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